Chris Cadman currently resides in Los Angeles though he originally hails from Heaven. If you’re a non-believer you obviously haven’t met him.

Strangers want to know him, friends want to be him, and TMZ wants to know his current location. Chris has performed professionally since the age of 8 in both theater and television. Classically trained in dramatic acting/musical theater at UCLA and comedically trained at The Groundlings School, Chris can do it all. He sings and dances like Michael Jackson (that’s the only thing they have in common) and possesses the comedic timing of Louie CK (also shares nothing more in common).

If that’s not enough for you, Chris is also an amazing story teller who’s written many pilots and theater pieces. If you’re a writer, Chris will bring your characters to life. If you’re a director, Chris will make your life very easy. If you’re an agent, Chris will make you filthy rich! If you’re skeptical about any of this set up a meeting so you can be proven wrong.

Now let’s roll out the red carpet so it can for the first time feel the soles of true talent!